Social Media Management

Social media is basically a variety of activities that integrate technology and social interaction by creating images, words, videos and audio.  But do you know how to tackle social media and why you should care about it?  For starters, since 2012 social networking has been the #1 online activity, beating email, online games and major news websites.  Your customers are using social media and if you are trying to reach them, this is one place you need to be.

LR Design currently manages the social media for businesses and organizations. I can help you develop a social media strategy that's unique to you, your goals, and your budget.  I use attention getting images and videos, promote your blogs, and use other graphics to break through the clutter and get people talking about products, services, and other messages.  Content marketing is a creative and customized effort that can be accomplished on a very lean budget and almost always produce favorable results that greatly exceed the investment.  Below is a video of a presentation I recently did at Women's Successful Network in Modesto, CA.  Give the video a look and contact me with any questions or to get starting with letting LR Design manage your social media networks.